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Founded by former Cameron Systems developers, JetTek has many years of experience in trading systems and the FIX protocol and Greg Orsini, President, is an active participant in FIX Protocol Ltd., the organization that maintains and promotes the FIX standard.
At JetTek, our mission is to supply complete solutions for on-boarding new customers and managing existing customers with tools such as testing, measurement, and CameronFIX complementary products to increase performance, flexibility, and ease of use.
Our customers include some of the largest buy and sell side firms who use JetTek's CameronFIX add-ons to lower end-to-end latency and ease customer on-boarding efforts. The JetTekFIX family of products includes testing tools, reporting facilities, and CameronFIX performance improvements.
Should you wish to contact us, please feel free to email or call +1 908 918 1773.