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Setting CameronFIX Logon password

One thing not easily understood in CameronFIX is how to set the username and password.  
This is done in the config.xml by adding a MessageFactory to the <Session> element, like this:

      <Session fixversion="4.4" heartbeat="120" compid="myId">
              <ReplicatedFilePersister baselogfile="${session}" />

EasyLicenser config - clock tampering.

There are times when moving CameronFIX installations from one machine to another can lead to the server thinking that the clock has changed.  The licensing library used by CameronFIX can issue the follow error and stop the server:  
ERROR appserver.AppServerBase: There's a problem with the license: License Error. Please contact Orc Software: License API exception: Invalid EasyLicenser config

JetTek Releases New FAST Tutorial to Aid Financial Software Developers

March 5, 2010- JetTek, a technology firm providing enhancements in trade processing and monitoring for financial services companies, announces the public release of the FIX/FAST tutorial. Greg Orsini, president of JetTek , has lead the development of this website aimed at teaching developers how to use FAST, a market data compression technology created by FIX Protocol Limited (FPL).

CameronFIX JMXManagementService configuration

In the normal case, CameronFIX Universal Server starts communications with a daemon process, "Local Management Agent" or LMA.  You can change the port or turn this off entirely by adding the JMXManagementService explicitly to the config.xml. 

Do fields in FAST have a fixed size?

Fields in FAST do not have a fixed size and do not use a field separator. Instead, there is a notion of a stop bit (the high order bit on each byte of the message acts as a stop bit) signaling the end of the field.

Why do I need to use FAST?

FAST (FIX Adapted for Streaming) was developed by the FIX Protocol organization to bring the greater benefits of standardization to market data and deliver optimized performance for the exchange of electronic financial information.