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There are times when moving CameronFIX installations from one machine to another can lead to the server thinking that the clock has changed.  The licensing library used by CameronFIX can issue the follow error and stop the server:  
ERROR appserver.AppServerBase: There's a problem with the license: License Error. Please contact Orc Software: License API exception: Invalid EasyLicenser config
This error occurs if the system clock on this server is set to a time before the license was generated.  In practice, this can occur if you set the system clock to a year before the current year or leave it at the starting date when a new server is deployed.
If the system time is correct, then look for the file .ezlm20jk (hidden file).  On *nix systems, you'll need to use the "a" option on ls -al (for example).  On Windows, it should be in the run user's home directory (e.g., C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator).