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March 5, 2010- JetTek, a technology firm providing enhancements in trade processing and monitoring for financial services companies, announces the public release of the FIX/FAST tutorial. Greg Orsini, president of JetTek , has lead the development of this website aimed at teaching developers how to use FAST, a market data compression technology created by FIX Protocol Limited (FPL).  The technology is used on exchanges in the US and around the world to send market data in the form of a shared common compressed format. 

According to Mr. Orsini, the JetTek tutorial will benefit software developers as more exchanges in the US and around the world use this technology to send market data. “Since our developers went through this learning process to build JetTek’s CME Market Data Adapter (which employs FAST), we created a tutorial to teach others to do the same.”  The complexity of the FAST protocol lends itself to tutorial assistance as users indicate a rather steep learning curve associated with its implementation.  Questions should be directed to Greg Orsini, contact information below. 

JetTek’s FIX/FAST tutorial is a available on the education sections of JetTek’s website, and is free to use.

About JetTek

JetTek is focused on creating software tools for the financial services industry, including testing tools, performance monitoring of FIX transactions, and performance enhancement of electronic trading operations. For more information, see


Greg Orsini, President, JetTek, +1 908 918 1773