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The CameronFIX Validator is a message processor that can be plugged into the message processing pipeline of the CameronFIX Universal Server. It reads a set of validation rules from an XML configuration file and uses these to validate the messages passing through it.  It can be configured to validate both incoming and outgoing messages.

Features summary

  • Validation rules can be organized by rule sets. Different sessions can call different sets of rules.
  • Configurable reject message
  • Configurable reject message type
  • Checks for Mandatory fields and contents type (integer, float, character, string)
  • Checks for Optional fields and contents type (integer, float, character, string)
  • Optional enhanced checks for numeric value range and valid char values
  • Supports regular expressions for string validation
  • Provides derived data types for more efficient validation, such as UTC Timestamp, boolean, currency, float quantity…


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE MessageRuleSets SYSTEM "../../../dtds/Validator.dtd">
  <MessageRuleSet name="fromFixRules">
    <MessageRule msgType="D">                <!-- New Order Single -->
        <String tag="ClOrdID"/>
        <Char tag="HandlInst" possibleValues="1"/>
        <Qty tag="MaxFloor"/>