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Real-time order flow management for CameronFIX.

  • The efficient vantage point to monitor your clients’ order flow
  • Enables you to cancel orders on behalf of your clients
  • Ideally complements your Orc CameronFIX deployment
  • Optimized for high-frequency and low-latency order flows
  • Configurable columns and filters to quickly search and find orders

Order View Image.

Order Viewer Architecture

CameronFIX connects customer’s internal system to their FIX counter-parties. One example topology is depicted in the following diagram, showing a customer black-box trading system connecting via TCP to CameronFIX which, in turn, connects to the FIX trading venues. 

The CameronFIX Universal Server (the FIX engine) acts as a gateway server, transforming orders coming from the customer’s system via the socket adapter and forwarding to ARCA (for example) or other markets. In the opposite direction, Universal Server receives the market’s execution reports and forwards them the Socket Adapter for delivery to the customer system.

The next diagram shows JetTek’s Order Viewer within the Universal Server, monitoring traffic from the customer’s application to all FIX sessions. (Other configurations are possible as well.) 

Universal Server has built in http access, so users can simply point a browser at the Universal Server host in order to access the Order Viewer's UI.