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  • GUI to configure CameronFIX UniversalServer.
  • Delete and Add FIX counter-parties without restarting UniversalServer.
  • Support Oracle, KDB, Sybase, MS SqlServer, MySql


  • Lower support costs – no programmer required.
  • Fewer errors – no direct editing of config files.
  • Greater predictability when sending and receiving messages.

Net Config

The CameronFIX Dashboard is a browser interface giving users access to monitoring and add-in modules.  The NetConfig module shows the session summary (see below) in the browser where a user can modify, delete, and add rows in the configuration tables of an SQL database.

The UniversalServer reads this configuration on restart and when instructed to refresh by NetConfig.

Session List

CameronFIX UniversalServer can add new FIX sessions by hand editing xml files, but if an error is made, cannot remove sessions without a restart.

JetTekFIX NetConfig reduces downtime caused by UniversalServer restarts required to fix CompID typos and other configuration attributes that UniversalServer cannot, by itself, reconfigure on the fly.  In addition, simple formatting problems (such as XML syntax errors) are avoided since NetConfig edits input before submission to the database.