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High perfomance routing module supporting flexible tag-based routing rules. Supports return routing of executions and reject messages. Requires use of JetTekFIX ExpressPersister.


  • Route Orders and Executions in a many-to-many configuration.
  • UniversalServer plug-in
  • Allows flexible routing based on configurable criteria or simple comp-id routing.


  • Route Orders based on flexible criteria.
  • Have Executions returned to the source of the originating Order.
  • Map reject messages into Execution Reports of type Order reject or into OrderCancelRejects, as appropriate.

JetTekFIX Order Routing

JetTekFIX Express Router routes messages from order providers to 1 of many order destinations.  The destination can be chosen based on very simple logic:

  route to comp-id matching tag 100

or logic that is more complex:

  (tag40==”1” && tag38 < 1000) ? “destAuto” : “destManual”

This logic delivers market orders under 1000 shares to the FIX session marked “destAuto” and all others to “destManual”.

Once orders are sent to the destination, the mapping of order sender and order id is held in memory.  It is also kept in the outbound session’s persister for recovery purposes.

This module uses JetTek’s ExpressPersister module to hold order ‘history’ data so no other store beyond normal persistence is required.  That is, no additional database or mapping file is created that would slow down message traffic.

Returning execution reports are returned to the order’s originator using the above map.

Reject messages are mapped to appropriate Order or Order Cancel rejects.