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High performance module enhancing CameronFIX Universal Server.  More than doubles the speed of message input and output while reducing java GC and latency variability. 

Orc Software’s Universal Server product uses a “persister” module to store messages as they pass through the engine.  JetTekFIX has created an advanced ‘ExpressPersister’ module with high performance characteristics suitable for high volume / low latency users. 


  • Lower Latency – 3 times higher throughput.
  • 6 times fewer file handles and file buffers.
  • No per-message memory allocation - no contribution to GC.
  • Single file holds all data for each session.


  • Send orders and executions faster.
  • Fewer and smaller java pauses for GC.
  • Greater predictability when sending and receiving messages.

 CameronFIX Default Persistence

Stock Persister

The CameronFIX Universal Server persists messages to a store composed of several files and index files for each FIX session.  This is a simple and safe means of storing messages with good performance.

High Performance Express Persister

JetTekFIX ExpressPersister combines these files into a single output stream so the operating system and hardware can post data to disc most efficiently.  Optionally, memory mapped access is available to support high peak rates.

In addition, no new memory is allocated when messages are written to the store, lowering memory management impact.