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*)  fixed session opening to not open session twice
*)  changed "Open Session" behaviour to open new session tab without opening session config editor
*)  fixed "Edit Session" behaviour: new session does not replace current session

+)  added smart delimiter for string parsing to the Message Editor: character before tag #9 is used
*)  improved Message Editor: now it is opened from the menu with last message edited and the message list is sorted alphabetically
*)  improved Order Blotter: first column shows the translated value of tag 39 (OrderStatus);  time column moved to the right and shortened (the date part is omitted); values in side column translated according to the message version
+)  added check of message saving possibility and displaying warning window if writing to file is failed
*)  corrected auto-filling of text fields in Message Editor depending on non-static version value (FIX tag #8)
*)  corrected "" launch script and help text