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We'll add entries below when making updates to our products including noteworthy enhancements as well as important bug fixes. Please let us know if you have any enhancement requests on

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Rules of Engagement Tool (ROE) for CameronFIX 6.4 and 6.5

Jun 12, 2012

1. Big improvement in rule loading times.
2. Add audit trail information into log files including user name and IP source of user
3. Log ROE Save and Apply actions.
4. Log http command line actions.

FIX Tester version 2.1.4

Mar 14, 2012

+) added auto updating of fixversion value in Message Editor
*) improved handling of session fixversion dictionary value
+) extended Market Watch with new columns for entry size and id values, made font bold for price column
+) added support of "Delete" action in handling of MD incremental refresh messages
*) improved handling of MD snapshot messages in Market Watch

FIX Tester version 2.1.3

Mar 01, 2012

*) fixed clearing of cells in order blotter on receiving of message with particular tags missed
*) fixed selecting of row in order blotter for update - now both tags ClOrdID (#11) and OrigClOrdID (#41) are used to select row for update, not only ClOrdID
*) moved list of sessions for opening from configuration file to Java Preferences
*) updated "Quick Start Tutorial" and fixed OrderCancelRequest message

FIX Tester version 2.1.2

Feb 23, 2012

*) improved session dictionary behavior (now it is stored after disconnect)
+) added support of "resetdict" command for resetting dictionary for current session
*) fixed minor errors (fixed XML definition and cell rendering)

FIX Tester version 2.1

Feb 2, 2012

+) added expiration date to About box and console log
+) FIX version stored by session editor
*) message tab context saved returned when switching FIX sessions

Rules of Engagement Tool (ROE) for CameronFIX 6.2

 Jul 18, 2011

  1. Added username to stored rules.  
  2. Move existing rule file to "archive" directory and change name to append date/time.
  3. Add "alert" action to put a message into the log file.
  4. Add "save" and "apply" button feed back to GUI.
  5. Log save events for auditing.

Express Persister for CameronFIX 6.4 and 6.5

May 27, 2011
This release fixes end-of-file problems with recovering some messages that are near end-of-file during high transmission rates.

Rules of Engagement Tool (ROE)

May 18, 2011
1. Added ROE_TRACE env var to provide trace information in the log after each rule execution to ROE 6.4/6.5.
2. For 6.2 version, improved logging of rules on startup and Apply action (already present in 6.4/6.5 version).

FIX Tester version 2.0

Apr 8, 2011

*)  improved logging functionality
*)  improved logging of disconnect event
-)  removed ability to save message with empty name
*)  fixed new version check

FIX Tester version 1.1.9

Mar 7, 2011

1.  Added Market Watch
2.  Separated common order blotter so each session now has its own
3.  Fixed order blotter scrolling and updating