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We'll add entries below when making updates to our products including noteworthy enhancements as well as important bug fixes. Please let us know if you have any enhancement requests on

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Jan 6, 2011
Updated to support FIX 5.0, where messages do not necessarily include a version (assuming default instead).
FIX version WAS used to generate a a FIX reject message (when needed) using SmartMessageFactory (which requires version), but now uses the FIX Session's configured ToFix MessageFactory, which already knows the correct version.

Rules of Engagement Tool (ROE)

Nov 2, 2010
1. Improved performance of many ROE rule actions. 
2. Fixed bug where match tag value was considered TRUE if tag did not exist in message 

Rules of Engagement Tool (ROE)

Oct 14, 2010
1. Added roe.view role for view only ROE user.  
2. Added "current" feature to the Apply method to apply the currently open rules to the matching session. This "current" feature only works when each session uses its own auto-generated filename (e.g. router~BANK1~BROKER1.xml). 
 3. Added Alert Action (to send message to log4j appender which can be monitored with a log scraper or forwarded to an emailer). 
 4. Updated Mapper action to work on repeating fields (but message factory needs to be assigned to use FIXMessageAsList). 
 5. Updated Action Set to work on repeating groups
 6. Added feedback from the Save and Apply buttons to show success or failure.
 7. Added search feature to FIX dictionary panel.

Rules of Engagement Tool (ROE)

Jul 27, 2010
This release adds two features to ROE for CameronFIX 6.4:

  1. Route back reject messages from the source of the original message.
  2. Restore tags from the original rejected message (using Restore action).

This release also provides support for adding fields to repeating groups for ROE for CameronFIX 6.2 and 6.4.

Express Persister release for CameronFIX 6.4.x

 Jul 26, 2010
This bug fix release fixes a problem when persisting inbound FIX messages that in rare cases prevented CameronFIX from recovering the inbound last sequence number.

FIX Tester version 1.1.8

*)  fixed server-side session behavior to use only the last server-side session (not all sessions) for message sending, script executing and sequence numbers setting and displaying
*)  fixed issue with showing pop-up message box informing about session closed state
*)  fixed session renaming

FIX Tester version 1.1.7

*)  imporoved repository parsing and work with FIXEnums
*)  fixed issue with sequence numbers buttons
*)  improved text field for adding value in message editor

FIX Tester version 1.1.6

+)  added support of argument "-maxevents=N" which sets limit for events view, default value is 10000
*)  improved sequence numbers check in incoming Logon message (removed sending ResendRequest)
*)  fixed incorrect handling of Reject messages

Express Persister release for CameronFIX 6.2r38 and 6.4.x

Apr 22, 2010

This Express Persister release fixes a bug that causes very slow performance on very large persistent stores (greater than 2GB).  

In addition, read performance has been improved.  Read performance generally approaches twice the speed of writing when messages are read sequentially. 

FIX Tester version 1.1.5

+)  added new "Logon 4.4" message
+)  added sending SequenceReset-GapFill message in response to ResendRequest message with endSeqNum field set to "0"
*)  updated BeginString tag (#8) in FX messages to "${incoming.8}"