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We'll add entries below when making updates to our products including noteworthy enhancements as well as important bug fixes. Please let us know if you have any enhancement requests on

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FIX Tester version 1.1.4

+)  added confirmation dialog about sending empty user defined message fields
+)  added saving and parsing of session sub-id and location-id values
+)  added message summary to event view and log

FIX Tester version 1.1.3

+)  added dictionary key "timestamp" with support of postfixes "UTC", "local" and "millis"
*)  value of FIX tag #60 (TransactTime) was changed to dictionary value "timestamp.UTC" in all messages provided in this release
*)  fixed dictionary value parsing

FIX Tester version 1.1.2

+)  added the ability of setting session sequence numbers before session start
-)  removed "Save" button from session editor
*)  improved session opening functionality (duplicated session tabs are now not opened)

FIX Tester version 1.1.1

*)  fixed session opening to not open session twice
*)  changed "Open Session" behaviour to open new session tab without opening session config editor
*)  fixed "Edit Session" behaviour: new session does not replace current session

FIX Tester version 1.1

+)  added demo trial check with last launch date at 2010-04-01
)  removed "Shares left" column from Order Blotter
+)  added translation to Side values in Order Blotter from 1 to 5

FIX Tester version 1.0.3

+)  added disclaimer window (showed on first launch) with radio button selection support "I agree/I do not agree"
+)  added help window (showed on first launch) with checkbox support "Show on start up"
+)  added support of launch arguments (both reading and saving): "-agreed" to skip showing disclaimer window, "-nohelp" to skip showing help window, "-nocheck" to skip version check

FIX Tester version 1.0.2

+)  "Show help" opens "About" dialog
+)  added panel with shortcut buttons to the top of the application
+)  changed the default name for new message in message editor to "New