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Express Persister

High performance module enhancing CameronFIX Universal Server.  More than doubles the speed of message input and output while reducing java GC and latency variability. 

Express Router

High perfomance routing module supporting flexible tag-based routing rules. Supports return routing of executions and reject messages. Requires use of JetTekFIX ExpressPersister.

Net Config

Browser based alternative for configuring CameronFIX. This module requires JetTekFIX's DBConfig module. Allows hot loading and unloading of FIX sessions (requires no restart of CameronFIX).

Order Viewer

Real-time order flow management for CameronFIX.


Validator is a message processor that can be plugged into the message processing pipeline of the CameronFIX Universal Server.

Rules of Engagement Tool (ROE)

Validate, Enrich, and Route FIX messages.