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FIX Tester | JetTek Fix

  • Buy Side and Sell Side support: Supports both inbound and outbound FIX sessions and simulates buy side and sell side FIX sessions.
  • Programmer Support: Simulate counter-party communications while developing your application.
  • Regression Testing: Create complex message scripts to reproduce problem test cases or customer errors.
  • Market Data Monitor: Market data sessions show snapshot and incremental updates showing the latest data for each symbol.
  • Test simultaneous sessions: Connect to many FIX counter-parties at the same time to, for example, send orders on a buy side session and send acks and fills on a sell side.


  • Provides an efficient means of testing FIX applications and simulating FIX traffic with trading counter-parties.
  • Reduce the integration costs of linking FIX counter-parties to your systems.


Multiple FIX Versions: FIX 4.0 to 4.4 and 5.0 supported | Jet Tek Fix | FIX Tester  QA Tools: Send both valid and invalid FIX messages in order to trigger corner-case scenarios and full test case coverage | Jet Tek Fix | Fix Tester  Expand FIX Definitions: Any tag can be added to any FIX message - a common occurence when dealing with FIX counter-parties | Jet Tek Fix | FIX Tester  Create Message Groups: Work on Equity sessions with a group of equity customized messaged and easily switch to FX sessions and a group of FX messages | Jet Tek Fix | Fix Tester






Download FIX Tester: Mac Version | Windows Version